Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery. photos of Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery has now been found .. Who does not know Lee Min Ho? Cute boy who was born on June 22, 1987 at the height of his career in the field of entertainment this 187 more skyrocketed when he starred in boys before flower and portray a Goo Joon Pyo, rich guy who is very arrogant. Lee Min Ho is the youngest of two brothers, but he does not want to be spoiled like other children.
Lee Min Ho Transformation makes this guy look more cute. Plastic surgery on his nose makes this guy look very handsome and definitely makes the heart of the fans, especially the weather is getting pounded. Like what plastic surgery undertaken this handsome guy, we will discuss all here. Watch and see the difference from the picture - a picture of Lee Min Ho is the first to present.

Lee Min Ho is rumored to also do some plastic surgery procedure to get the beauty and perfection of his body in order to support his appearance in the world of entertainment .. handsome actor who has cancer zodiac is rumored to perform plastic surgery on her nose. about whether or not these rumors, you will be able to conclude for yourself whether this handsome actor perform plastic surgery.

The handsome Lee Min Ho who was prominently since starred in Boys Over Flower is not separated from the exposure gossip plastic surgery. Lee Min Ho reportedly had plastic surgery on her nose to perform rhinoplasty. As to whether the changing face of Lee Min Ho, pay close attention to the image - the image below.

Alleged plastic surgery appears based on the evidence as seen from the photos of Lee Min Ho are numerous in internet. The difference which looks quite significant. Although rumored plastic surgery but Lee Min Ho still work well, so it is not surprising that Lee Min Ho is still admired by his fans, especially women.

Lee Min Ho is rumored to perform plastic surgery on the nose area. This news is obtained as the difference in the nose aesthetically lee min ho who is now with Lee Min Ho nose job
. Lee Min Ho's nose look smaller now than in the previous passage and pointy. Nose lee min ho new looks more fitting with the cute face of the star. By comparing the images - photos of Lee Min Ho you will find and see the difference in the star's nose. Previous nose lee min ho looks a little less flat or slightly prominent, but now the nose lee min ho looks more sharp. Responding to these rumors lee min ho remained silent and did not give an explanation to the media and the fans through a press conference.

In addition to the nose, Lee Min Ho is also rumored to perform plastic surgery on her lips. Lee min ho previously had a thick lip shape and slightly forward, Lee Min Ho lip now looks beautiful and arguably more sexy. Lee Min Ho's face shape now with a small and sharp nose, thin lips look more fitting to his face so that adds to the guy's face look more cool, handsome and cute.

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