Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jennifer Lopez: I Fear Plastic Surgery

The popstar's diva, Jennifer Lopez in addition has a golden voice also has a beautiful face and sexy. Well, he was grateful for what he has it, while revealing that he would never do plastic surgery.The Latin singer claims to want to focus for a normal healthy life rather than having to deal with a scalpel. He claimed that his lifestyle would remain beautiful without having to go through the terrible thing."I'll do anything to keep my appearance. But I'm afraid once with plastic surgery," said J-Lo when interviewed on Radio Australia's 2Day FM, as written website Digital Spy.Jennifer Lopez still beautiful, despite being with age therefore much media reported that Jennifer Lopez perform plastic surgery."I think we do not need to do anything like that to look beautiful. Enough with healthy eating and exercise, beauty later certainly will present itself," he continued.Meanwhile Lopez had just spread her latest single, First Love some time ago. Reportedly, the new album later there will be artists such as Robin Thicke top, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, until Chris Brown!

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