Thursday, November 12, 2015

6 Interesting Facts of figure Kim Kardashian

 Kim Kardashian West may be one of the most talked-about celebrity end - the end. Many of the media - local and international media covering the life of a celebrity figure phenomenal 24-year-old. But behind its popularity, was there anything - interesting things from a Kim Kardashian is not yet widely known. Here are 5 diantarannya:Kim Kadarshian1. Paid Rp324 million each tweet.Kim Kardashian could pocket the money between $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 for every tweet related to certain trademarks. Just imagine how many dollars he had collected, if now there are almost 15,000 tweets that he wrote via his Twitter account.2. Kim Kardashian is a reality TV actress with the highest paid in the world.Advertisements:It is no surprise that Kim Kardashian has been named the highest-paid celebrity in the world. Especially after a big company hire his name to be used on one brand of merchandise. According to Forbes magazine, he has managed to collect money as much as $ 28 million or about Rp363 billion more for 2014.3. Kim kardashian able to communicate with his father who had died.His late father Robert Kardashian, often make contact through dreams. He had a very clear dream, where in the dream he met with his father in a room and talk - a conversation with him. His father died in 2003, when he was 23 years old. Kim is one - only one of the members who have these advantages.4. Kim kardashian is the owner of a company called Kimsaprincess, Inch.In 2007, Kardashian formed a company called Kimsaprincess, Inch. He uses the name of the company to license all products - products such as DVD sports and perfume.5. Kim Kardashian suffer from psoriasis.He suffers from a chronic disease called psoriasis enough. Sometimes, the disease causes the skin becomes extremely itchy and mottled - red spots. He is one of the emergency 7.5 million people in the United States who suffer from the disease.6. Kim Kardahian Plastic SurgeryBehind the beauty and elegance of his body turned out to Kim Kardahian do bebarapa Plastic Surgery to beautify the body. Kim Kardahian Plastic Surgery can be seen clearly from the previous photograph and the photograph now.

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